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Pig Pen Pals is series of short stories about pigs who are pen pals living in a pig world that mimics our human world. When people stay in touch with each other by writing letters, they are known as pen pals. So what do you call a pig who writes letters? A Pig Pen Pal, of course! The added twist is that these swines are high tech. They use e-mail and instant messaging known in the pig world as pig-email and pigstant messaging and they always use Pigs On Line (POL) to check their pig-emails.

Each story revolves around the main characters, Pignacious and Piggy Sue who are best friends. When Pignacious’ father lands a job as the Head Hog of the Hogwash soap company, Pignacious must move from his home in the country town of Hamilton where he grew up with Piggy Sue to New Pork City. The first story, ‘Pignacious moves to New Pork City” begins the correspondence between Pignacious and Piggy Sue.

Follow their adventures as Pignacious rides on a Piggyback bus for the first time and Piggy Sue wallows in the mud in her favorite Calvin Swine bathing suit. Future stories introduce a whole new cast of characters, including Hambone the happy go lucky country hog and tiny little twin piglets Pork and Bean. You’ll go Hog-wild for the Pig Pen Pals!